Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I swore to myself that I wasn’t going to jump on the influencer Anniversary Sale Post Bandwagon but here I am….

So everything that I am sharing I either own, have used or would purchase…I am so not into posting just to post.

Finding Nili Lotan on sale is always post worthy, loving this fresh shade of pink and they are also available in a cool sage green. You all know how I feel about my Le Labo this is such a great little starter set, Santal 33 and Another 13 are my favs. Don’t like to spend a fortune on sunglasses, this pair of Quay is for you or your daughter who is always losing her glasses! Ok…for those of you looking for longer fuller lashes RevitaLash really works! I have used in the past and have always been so happy with the results, this set is a great anniversary sale value, and the 2 will probably last you until the next anniversary sale. This sherpa with the green trim is perfect for fall and also perfect to send up to school with your daughter. Ok every other year I buy a new pair of Spanx faux leather leggings, this is the time to buy these leggings the price is unbeatable! Barefoot Dreams is a fan favorite, loving this cozy chic set. Mother jeans are one of my favorite denim lines, they fit great, they feel great, yes they are on the pricey side so grab them now! Love this slim bootleg. I bought these boots last year and I LIVED in them! I bought a similar version of this tee a few weeks ago at FULL price…insert eyeroll. Now for the Olaplex I have never used Olapalex but I hear such good things bout this product, it is on the pricey side so grab it while you can!

Ok so there you have it…happy shopping!!!

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