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Teen Girl Gift Guide

too soon????? It may be too soon for a Gift Guide but with all of the supply chain issues and cargo ships stuck out at sea, I think we better get a move on! So let’s start with Teen Girls! Turbie Twist towel wrap to dry you hair fast and cut down dry time and…

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I swore to myself that I wasn’t going to jump on the influencer Anniversary Sale Post Bandwagon but here I am…. So everything that I am sharing I either own, have used or would purchase…I am so not into posting just to post. Finding Nili Lotan on sale is always post worthy, loving this fresh…

Thinking about joining Beautycounter?

Here’s more about us. We are rated the #1 most innovative beauty brand by Fast Company. which is pretty cool… This video shares more about Beautycounterand features our incredible female founder and CEO. It’s a crazy, uncertain time, but this Beautycounter Insider article highlights how people are finding comfort in skincare. I’m definitely seeing this…

Brilliant Baubles

Looking for that perfect on trend and afforable gift that your Mom, sister or teen will love? Here ya go!


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